chemical water treatment for cooling tower

chemical water treatment cooling tower

fouling, biological growth and corrosion can disrupt cooling tower operations. However, JESINDO KARYA SENTOSA WITH WILGARD water treatment chemicals, Technologies engineering expertise and years of industry experience can help overcome and prevent these potential challenges. Treating water for cooling towers is an integral part of the process operations in many industries and is used to minimise water depletion and remove zinc, chromates and carbonate from the water used in cooling towers.

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Cooling tower chemical dosing prevents growths that may interfere with continuous water flow. The circulating cooling water is treated to minimise scaling and fouling and to remove particulates. Examples of the most common applications for cooling tower water treatment include cooling the water used in petrochemical plants, oil refineries, HVAC systems for cooling buildings and thermal power stations

Proper cooling tower water treatment management minimises scaling and deposits. This contributes to reduced overall costs by helping extend the lifespan of your plant.

is not only a cooling tower water treatment company, as this is only one of the treatments falling within JESINDO KARYA SENTOSA WITH WILGARD power plant water treatment These technologies, in addition to filtration and the wilgard chemical range, include reverse osmosis (RO), demineralisation, continuous electro-deionisation (CEDI), combined pre-treatment (RO and CEDI), and mixed bed ion exchange.

All aftersales services for cooling tower water treatment include preventative and corrective maintenance, consumable chemical supply and remote monitoring and control.

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